Why Studio Box?

Hi, I'm Christie.

M. ED. Integrated Teaching Through the Arts

I own Tinker Art Studio in Boulder, Colorado. Tinker has been providing art classes and programming to children, teens, and adults in our inspiring studio since 2012. I am so excited to share my combined experience as a studio owner and teacher, as well as my expertise in arts-integration with you through our Studio Box subscription. We've curated our very best process art projects, and prepared all the materials with our own hands right here in our studio. We can't wait to see what you create!


Studio Box Benefits

 Builds skills

The open-ended process art projects included in Studio Box enhance problem-solving and critical thinking skills

 Values the child

Providing risk-taking and decision-making opportunities values children's internal process. This builds autonomy, independent thinking, and confidence. 

 Encourages creative expression

Studio Box encourages creative expression while gaining exposure to new materials and processes. 

 Supports fine motor skills

Studio Box projects support fine motor skills development, an important component of writing.


Studio Box Features


We thoughtfully prepare ready-to-use premium materials and projects and deliver them right to your door each month. Everything's included. No more searching for materials or preparing supplies. 


Developed by teachers, artists, and parents, in our Boulder, Colorado studio. Every single project and process is tested, tried-and-true.

All of our packaging is recyclable + compostable. Right down to any (plant) plastic baggies containing paints or supplies and (plant) plastic mixing cups.