Tinker Art Studio

Starter Kit


Studio Box not included. Snag yours here.

With this Starter Kit, your young artist will have everything they need to create!  

Our signature starter kit includes our studio posters to support children and parents, a just right paintbrush, custom dyed art rag, and our favorite can't-live-without oversized art tray! The perfect addition for your young artist or their sibling.

Our Starter Kit is a great addition if you're sharing a Studio Box between two siblings, or bundle it with an A La Carte Mystery Box for a great gift!

Starter Kit Includes:

  • Our favorite can't-live-without oversized art tray
  • Two posters with language to support children and parents - the same posters that hang in our studio!
  • A just-right sized paint brush
  • A custom made art rag.

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